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Historic Sites from World War II in Copenhagen


Step back in time and explore Copenhagen’s compelling WWII history, where echoes of the past linger in the form of wartime landmarks and preserved sites. This comprehensive guide invites history enthusiasts to embark on a journey through Denmark’s capital, unraveling the stories of resilience, occupation, and liberation that define Copenhagen’s role during World War II.

Resistance Museum – Chronicles of Courage

Immerse yourself in the Resistance Museum (Frihedsmuseet), a poignant tribute to Danish resistance during the Nazi occupation. Uncover artifacts, personal stories, and exhibits that illuminate the bravery of the Danish people in their efforts to resist the occupying forces.

Churchill Park – A Symbol of Solidarity

Explore Churchill Park (Churchillparken), a green oasis that stands as a symbol of solidarity between Denmark and the United Kingdom during WWII. Learn about the iconic statue of Winston Churchill and the park’s historical significance in commemorating the close ties between the two nations.

Citadel Frederikshavn – A Fortress of Occupation

Visit Citadel Frederikshavn (Kastellet), a historic fortress with a complex wartime past. Discover how the citadel served as a strategic location during the German occupation, and explore its preserved structures, including bunkers and gun emplacements.

Jewish Museum – Remembrance and Reflection

Reflect on the wartime plight of the Jewish community at the Jewish Museum (Jødisk Museum). Uncover exhibits detailing the impact of Nazi occupation on Danish Jews and the subsequent evacuation to Sweden, a testament to Denmark’s remarkable rescue efforts.

Holmen Naval Base – Naval Warfare Legacy

Delve into the naval warfare legacy at Holmen Naval Base (Holmen), where remnants of WWII naval history are intertwined with Denmark’s maritime heritage. Explore the base’s historic buildings and docks that played a role in the wartime operations of the Danish Navy.

Memorial Anchor at Nyhavn – Silent Witness

Pause at the Memorial Anchor in Nyhavn, a silent witness to the wartime sacrifices of Danish sailors. Learn about the significance of this anchor, salvaged from a sunken ship, as a memorial to the seafarers who lost their lives during the conflict.

The Round Tower – Air Raid Shelter

Uncover the hidden history of The Round Tower (Rundetårn) as an air raid shelter during World War II. Explore how this iconic landmark transformed into a refuge for Copenhagen’s residents during air raids, showcasing the adaptability of historical structures in times of crisis.

Vestre Kirkegård – Resting Place for Resistance Fighters

Pay respects at Vestre Kirkegård (Western Cemetery), the resting place for many Danish resistance fighters. Discover memorials and graves that honor those who sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom during the occupation.

Museum of Danish Resistance – Interactive Exhibits

Immerse yourself in the Museum of Danish Resistance (Frihedsmuseet), a comprehensive institution with interactive exhibits detailing Denmark’s resistance movement. Explore artifacts, personal accounts, and immersive displays that offer a deep understanding of the country’s wartime struggles.

Practical Tips for WWII Heritage Exploration

Equip yourself with practical tips for exploring WWII heritage sites in Copenhagen. From guided tours and museum hours to transportation options and recommended itineraries, gain valuable insights to make your historical journey through Denmark’s capital a meaningful and insightful experience.


Copenhagen’s WWII time capsules invite visitors to connect with a pivotal chapter in the city’s history, where bravery and resilience defined the Danish spirit during the dark days of Nazi occupation. This guide celebrates the landmarks, museums, and memorials that bear witness to Copenhagen’s wartime past, offering a profound and educational exploration of the city’s role in World War II. Whether you’re tracing the steps of resistance fighters or reflecting at solemn memorials, Copenhagen’s WWII sites ensure that the stories of sacrifice and survival endure for generations to come.


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